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About Us

At the Start

Pavement Treatments, Inc. was started in 1988 with three employees and three vehicles. Our target market were the utilities in the Portland, Maine area. At the time, there was a demand for a small paving company to come in behind the utilities and fix the streets after the utilities ahd completed their excavations.

In 1989, PTI introduced Maine to a new technology in utility trench restoration called "infrared". It was an eco-friendly way of repairing settled trenches without the needing to remove the existing materials. The process was simple: heat a road patch up so the asphalt was softened and could be reworked. Add or remove material to adjust the grade, and roll. No need for jack hammers, excavation equipment, or dump trucks.

In the early 1990's, utilities were looking for ways to their street repairs done quicker, thereby eliminating the use of expensive temporary patching materials such as cold patch. PTI introduced a "same day" paving program whereby all street excavations were repaired immediately after the excavation. In Portland, Maine, 95% of all street excavations are permanently repaired within hours of backfilling.

In the mid 1990's, utilities were looking for ways to maintain their street excavations, often years after the initial excavation. It was at this point that PTI modified some existing technology, reducing the scale so that it could be performed on small utility street excavations. We called this work "grind and overlay". Small cold planers are used to remove 1 to 2 inches of existing patching materials. This product is then recycled, and new material is placed back in the trench and rolled. The result is a seamless and smooth repair.


Over the years, Pavement Treatments, Inc. has beed adjusting and growing to meet our customers' needs. While paving has been our primary focus, we have crews and equipment to do other types of work as well. We have crews that do soft restorations, such as loaming/seeding and sodding. Other crews perform excavation work for our clients, such as installing natural gas and water services. Our market area has expanded to include most of southern Maine. We go as far south as Kittery, north to Lewiston, and downeast to Topsham and Brunswick. The fleet had grown to over 20 vehicles and 20 pieces of equipment to assist our utility customers in their day to day operations.

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